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The Trondheim Car Collective (Trondheim Bilkollektiv) was established in 1996, and now consists of 520 private members and 40 organizations. As of May, 2011, we have 16 locations where members can pick up a car, and own 38 different vehicles that are available for members to rent.
24-hour help line: 480 27 080

The cooperative has two permanent employees:
Executive Director: Leif Tore Anderssen, Tlf 920 72 893
Vehicle Manager: Olle Malmring, Tlf 920 72 894

Office address:
Trondheim Bilkollektiv BA
Sandgata 30, 2. etasje
7012 Trondheim

Office hours:
Monday-Friday: 10-16
We could also make a deal of time for meeting.

Organization number: 976 774 892
Bank account number: 8601 22 23090


Trondheim Bilkollektiv BA is listed in the Norwegian Registry of Business Enterprises as a limited liability cooperative.
Your fiscal responsiblity for the collective is limited to your share.

The Trondheim Car Cooperative's governing body is the shareholders' meeting (annual meeting). This is generally held at the end of March. Members elect new board members at the meeting, and consider proposals for changes to the shareholder's contract and the cooperative's rules and regulations.

Cooperation with car cooperatives in other cities

Our members also have the ability to rent vehicles from the car cooperatives in Oslo and Bergen. To reserve a car in these cities, you currently must contact the Trondheim Car Collective by phone (480 27 080) or send an email in a reasonable amount of time before you want to rent a car.