Membership in the Car Collective

To use our cars, you have to be a registered member, which involves purchasing a share in the cooperative and paying an annual fee. Being a member means that you are a part owner of all of the cars owned by the collective, which also gives you part of the collective responsibility for our vehicles.

This means that you have to treat our (your) vehicles as if they were your own, by helping out with simple maintenence as needed:

  • wash the car inside and out after use
  • fill the gas tank if it is under half-full
  • check the windscreen wash fluid and fill as needed, and change burned out lightbulbs as needed
  • check the tyre pressure and oil level if you are headed out on a longer trip

As a member, you also have access to the Car Collectives in Oslo and Bergen


Become a member

  • Go to our home page
  • Click on "Be a member", fill out the form and send it in.
  • Send us a copy of your valid driving license
  • Once you have paid for a share and the annual fee, you will be registered and will receive an SMS with log-on information

Internet-based booking - around the clock

  • Booking a vehicle is quick and easy. You simply go to our home page and reserve whichever available vehicle you wish to rent.
  • The keys are found in a safe near the cars.

Use of vehicles

  • You pick up and return the cars to the same parking place. 
  • Remember to treat the car nicely, so that other members find the car in good working condition.

Billing and payment

Car use is invoiced monthly after the event. That means that the invoice is sent out at the beginning of each month for car use in the preceding month. Each invoice contains a specific list of your car use for that month. It will be up to you to add more specific information to the invoice if you like, such as "trip to bring mom to the doctor".